explore P.I.E. - gain insight - get better results

What is P.I.E ?

The P.I.E. (Powerful Individual Exploration) Tool examines patterns of behavior to help individuals, teams, and organizations be more successful & perform better. 

What does it tell you?

 Through a series of short questions, your primary style is determined. You'll know...

  • Your Communication style
  • Your Conflict style
  • Your Leadership style
  • Your Motivators/fears
  • Your Strengths/Weaknesses

p.i.e. outcomes

Run your business with more confidence & ease


Communicate more effectively


Achieve greater success - perform at your best


Capitalize on your strengths - mitigate your weaknesses


Handle conflict better


Be a stronger leader


P.I.E. Products/Programs

 PIE Assessment for Individuals:

Offered online, the PIE assessment tool is available for anyone to take, we compile your results and create an individualized report for you. You can use this report to increase your self-awareness and strengthen your skills and competencies.

PIE Assessment for Teams:

Offered online to your group or team, the PIE assessment tool is available for your whole team to take, we create individual reports and a group snapshot to see the make-up of your team. This helps you to better leverage the talents of your individual members.


PIE Foundations:

This workshop provides an overview of your PIE results, an overview of communication, conflict, and leadership styles. It is a fun, interactive way to get to know yourself and your peers better.

Coaching with PIE:

PIE is a great foundation for coaching individuals—we look at your strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity to help you be more successful personally and professionally.

We also provide an option to coaches to provide this to their clients along with a coaching guide to help coaches work more effectively together.

Communicate better with PIE:

This workshop focuses on developing your communication skills using PIE as a foundation.

Conquer Conflict with PIE:

This workshop focuses on managing and dealing with conflict using PIE as a foundation.

PIE for Leaders & Managers:

This workshop focuses on increasing leadership skills and emphasizing the ability to “flex” to the situation. “Leading for the situation.”