Our training models are designed to help enhance or add to the skill set of our clients. We develop and/or facilitate targeted and practical training solutions to help maintain your competitive advantage.  Some of our services include:

  • Assessments. To discover leadership, communication, productivity, conflict styles.
  • Instructional development and design
  • Training facilitation and workshops
  • Leadership and team building
  • Group facilitation


 We have authored several assessments which we use with our coaching clients and in our some of our workshops to gain a better understanding of those that we are working with.

We can offer these individually with feedback reports and in conjunction with coaching or training.

  • Our signature assessment is our PIE Assessment© (Powerful-Insightful- Exploration). PIE focuses on patterns of behavior and divides them into 5 types. Each has its own distinct qualities, strengths, and challenges. 
  • The IPA© (Individual Productivity Assessment) evaluates your productivity quotient and helps you to develop the habits of "Highly Productives"
  • The ARC-7© measures the success level of your business. We also have a version specific to entrepreneurs.



 Some of the workshops we offer and can customize include:

Circle of Success
Circle of Success is designed to provide individuals with a solid foundation of career success skills. It is intended for business professionals at any level who are seeking to obtain or strengthen competencies.

Exploring Leadership and Personality Styles
Uncover your natural leadership and personality preferences using the P.I.E. Assessment. Knowing these styles, we will explore how to capitalize on your strengths, develop your weaknesses, and increase your confidence in handling many types of situations and interactions.

New Manager/New Supervisor
Being a new supervisor or manager can be a daunting step up. But, it doesn’t have to be. In this course you will gain a wide range of managerial topics to be more prepared and successful in your role as a manager. You will acquire knowledge and skills to help you be more confident and effective front-line managers and leaders.

These competencies are explored in this course: building productive teams, communicating effectively, managing conflict, delegating, applying the optimal leadership style to the appropriate situation, dealing with performance issues, managing upward, providing feedback, coaching employees, effectively managing your time, managing multiple priorities.

Conflict Resolution
Conflict is unavoidable in our world today. In both our business lives and personal lives, we encounter conflict daily. Learn how to effectively manage conflict with practical-hands on solutions.

Productivity Program
The SUCCEED© Productivity Program provides you a simple step-by-step process to create your own personal productivity program, a concrete plan to help you become more productive and utilize your time more effectively. Using the Individual Productivity Assessment (IPA)©, you will uncover your biggest productivity challenges and learn strategies to manage them.